Contemplative Observatory

A North Idaho meditation retreat facility provides an opportunity for a “vision quest”–a direct experience in consciousness studies. It is independently operated, but inspired by the “Contemplative Observatory” concept of Alan Wallace. See the website affiliated with Alan and his students:

Art Studio and Meditation Tower at North Idaho Retreat Facility

Art Studio and Meditation Tower

The retreat facility offers a contemplative environment for young scientists interested in integrating meditation with formal scientific training.  Models for the program include the American philosopher, mathematician, and mystic, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Isaac Newton, and Werner Heisenberg. In each case, meditation-like practice combined with scientific disciplines yielded profound contemplative discoveries.

Contemplative Garden at North Idaho Meditation Retreat Facility

Contemplative Garden

Alan Wallace featured Franklin Merrell-Wolff in the book Mind in the Balance: Meditation in Science, Buddhism, and Christianity, as an example of one who brought clarity to the role of consciousness in western scientific and philosophical investigations of the mind.

The retreat facility is a prototype program offering short-term visits from a few days to a maximum of one month. For longer retreats other facilities are being planned. To inquire or contribute to a brain-storming session on these ideas please contact Jeff Baker,

Front of Retreat Facility at North Idaho Meditation Retreat Facility

Front of Retreat Facility


1 thought on “Contemplative Observatory

  1. What a great website, Jeff. And I had no idea your retreat observatory was so beautiful. Might not have to shift consciousness to get blissful. Just be there.

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