The Psychogenic Theory

The psychogenic theory is complementary to the central pillar of biology, the theory of evolution. It acknowledges that evolution exists, but that consciousness—things of the mind, will, desire, passions—are the fundamental drivers of evolution. Just as Isaac Newton is said to have united the heavens and the earth with laws of gravity, so it could be said the Horstman synthesis unites the animate with the inanimate.

Inspired by the works of Alfred J. Lotka, a founder of mathematical ecology, the Horstman synthesis holds that consciousness is the essence of the entire cosmos, and is the source and cause of all things.

Foundational principles are laid out in Horstman’s book The Lotka Hypothesis. Book II in the series, Evolution Fact & Fantasy: The Psychogenic Theory of Evolution applies those principles to the “real-world” problem of biology. In his third book, The Origin of Matrimony, Horstman presents the first and only credible theory for the origin of marrying, and with it, the essence of human culture. He calls the cultural achievement of matrimony “an intellectual triumph in socio-political engineering.”

Yet to come is another earth-shaker, a complete solution to the origin and structure of human language. This great mystery has defeated all efforts at understanding for at least the last three centuries, but is a mystery no more. This book reveals not only the origin and structure of human language, but of the incredible workings of the mind as well.