Principle contributors to this blog include Lawrence L. Horstman, Charles Lee Horstman, Tom Kelley, and Jeff Baker. The unifying hypothesis is that consciousness is the fundamental driver of developments in biological evolution, anthropology, culture, and our daily lives.

Larry Horstman is a biomedical researcher at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and has written or co-authored over fifty peer-reviewed publications in the field of hematology in the last twenty years.

Lee Horstman, Larry’s brother, graduated from Rice University in social science and architecture. He later taught in Canada. Following a personal epiphany he adopted an ascetic lifestyle in his devotion to Far Eastern mysticism. Lee is today an independent scholar living in California.

Tom Kelley is a retired airline captain. He now lives in on the Central Coast of California and is attracted to the work of Jan Cox.

Jeff Baker is also a retired airline captain, now living in Idaho. He is inspired by the work of Ken Wilber and B. Alan Wallace.

Lee, Tom, and Jeff met through their common interest in the American philosopher and mathematician Franklin Merrell-Wolff. They are active members of the Franklin Merrell-Wolff Fellowship. See the website:


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