Mission Statement

Consciousness is the essence of the entire cosmos. It is the source and cause of all things. “Natural laws” are manifestations of consciousness. Evolution is driven by consciousness. These propositions are currently producing a revolution in science.

Modern science has given us a reasonably secure understanding of the OBJECTIVE aspects of the world around us, but now we are in a position to fill in the blanks—huge blanks—namely, the role of the mind, consciousness in all of this.

It is said that Isaac Newton “united the heavens and the earth” by showing that gravity acts not only here on earth, but throughout the cosmos. However, there was something missing from Newton’s great synthesis, namely, the role of the mind in the fabric of the cosmos.

This blog serves as an INTERSUBJECTIVE forum to help integrate SUBJECTIVE explorations in consciousness with OBJECTIVE science. We hope to inspire “young nimble minds” toward a career in building a new grand synthesis between consciousness and scientific approaches.

Our focus is “the psychogenic theory of evolution” of Lawrence L. Horstman.



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