The Lotka Hypothesis

Medical researcher Lawrence L. Horstman has much to say about the role of subjectivity and intuition in his book The Lotka Hypothesis, Book I, Elements of Consciousness.

Lotka’s hypothesis: “…behind all so-called laws of nature lies will. That is to say, the laws of nature are ultimately psychological, not only in the biosphere but also in the entire cosmos. The pursuit of that theme leads to complete resolution of the problem of consciousness while remaining consistent with all the hard-won facts and principles of established science.

“…consciousness inheres in all things and underlies their properties. From this perspective, the observed laws of physics are but objective manifestations of willfulness…the testimony of personal experience is more compelling than the outmoded logic of 19th-century objectivism.” (The Lotka Hypothesis, p. 115)

“The Challenge. The essence of Lotka’s hypothesis stated here is simple and clear, but as with Newton’s F = ma or Euclid’s axioms, the consequences and applications are neither simple nor obvious. It remains to erect upon this germ of a foundation a sufficiently persuasive alternative system, consistent with all established knowledge, to topple and supplant the existing failed system—a challenge comparable to toppling Aristotelianism.

A Call for Agile Young Minds

“No pretense is made that Lotka or his intellectual confederates…much less this writer’s effort at added support, comprise a complete solution. Our hope is only to make it sufficiently credible to inspire younger, more agile minds to take up Lotka’s torch.”

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